Private Coaching

How to live successful and happy? Best practice is: step by step.

Being successful

is the result of adequate decisions at the right time and requires only 3 core elements:

  • the right impulse
  • expedient decisions
  • effective success strategies

Being happy

is more than a series of successes, it is a way of life. From my years of work as a coach, I know the issues very well, that have a direct impact on happiness and satisfaction:

  • How happy are you, for example, in these areas of life?
    • Health
    • Partnership / relationship
    • Family
    • Occupation / Career
    • Sexuality
    • Spirituality
  • How satisfied are you concerning major life issues?
    • Self-discovery → How well do I know who I am?
    • Self-determination → How free am I in my decisions?
    • Self-realization → What dreams and desires do I have and how do I live it?
    • Meaning → How clearly do I know why I do what I do?

Possible ambitions:

  • Harmonize the important aspects of life
  • Discover my own way to feel good
  • Expanding self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Develop, increase and strengthen charisma

Possible ways:

  • Effective change work with hypnosis and trance techniques
  • Dissolving of fears, blockades and phobias
  • Learn to follow the path of good feelings
  • Use universal energies

Learn to live happy and successfully !