Training Portfolio

I am happy to offer you the trainings in presence and of course also online & digitally.
Customized to your individual needs you can book several subjects with me:

  • Management training
  • Leadership development
  • Professional Business Storytelling
  • Agile high performance leadership
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication & motivation
  • Health & mindfulness
  • Team organization & efficient meeting culture
  • Time- and priority management
  • Successful handling of stress & more fun at the job
  • Efficiency & goal achievement
  • Conflict- and de-escalation management
  • Successful selection of personnel & reduction in staff turnover
  • Complaint management & customer loyalty
  • Phone and back office training
  • Effective sales & successful customer acquisition
  • Rhetoric and presentation
  • Speed reading and memory training
  • Business trainer qualification
  • Business moderator qualification



Individual training design
Full participant orientation
Agile use of group dynamic processes
Practical and real life methodology & didactics
Real humor & entertainment for every participant
Clear target setting & success control