My consulting services are available to you in any structure depth, both in presence and online & digital:
strategic / organizational / procedural.
I support you efficiently and reliably both, in partial steps and end-to-end in the following fields:

  • Interim management
    • Leading and organization of
      • Project teams
      • Leadership teams
      • Employee teams
  • Efficient change management
    • Present state analyses
    • Target definition
    • Ensure target achievement
  • Sustained quality management
    • Process mapping
    • Process optimizing
    • Generative process management
  • Target orientated project management
    • Project development
    • Project controlling
    • Project realization
  • Strategic company development
    • Developing vision, mission and corporate values
    • Establishing a corporate culture
    • Transferring of company values into daily business
  • Designing and moderation of theme workshops such as:
    • Business-strategy and target definition
    • Development and establishment of corporate philosophy and culture
    • Workflow creativity and utilization of synergies within the company
    • Mediation and moderation among contracting parties, project partners and also in-house departments
  • Evaluation of performance and competence
    • For employees, executives, managers, CEO’s
    • Information gathering about individual and/or group interviews
    • Development of feedback forms for staff survey
    • Evaluation and creation of personal development plans



Efficient interface management
Consequent effort-benefit check
Result-oriented target focus
Mindful handling of the ACTUAL state
Dealing with resistance constructively